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Paul R. Martin III recognized by the VFW for his efforts to honor veterans.

Historical artist and art teacher, PAUL R. MARTIN III was just recognized by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States for his efforts to honor veterans and for his service to the community. Mr. Martin was nominated by his High School principal for a National Patriotic Teacher Award . The award praises Mr. Martin for his patriotic service rendered to the local community and for promoting citizenship education in the classroom and his school. Paul Martin’s nationaly recognized artwork pays tribute to the history of America and is intended to honor the generations of American citizens who have responded to the call of freedom. A portion of his WWII art print sales is donated to the USO.

At Pearl River High School where Mr. Martin teaches, he has worked actively with the student council to raise money for the USO. After September 11, 2001, Mr. Martin assisted the community in raising funds and collecting supplies for the rescue workers at Ground Zero. He was asked by the Student Council to give the keynote address at the School’s September 11th Memorial Dedication, on the one year anniversary of the tragedy.

Mr. Martin organized a “Son In Service” Banner Ceremony at the school where Blue Star Banners were presented to the parents and families of Alumni serving in our nation's armed forces. In the spring of 2003 Mr. Martin worked with the local community and helped to plan a “Support the Troops” rally at the Central Field Park that was attended by over 1000 community members.

As a board member of the Rockland County Flag Preservation Committee, Mr. Martin assisted in the raising of 60,000 dollars for the restoration and preservation of the 95th New York Infantry Regiment’s Gettysburg battle flag. Mr. martin is also the president of the Rockland County Civil War Round Table. Working in that capacity, Mr. Martin and the RCWRT secured a $250,000.00 grant from the NY State Senate for the repair and restoration of every single NY State Monument on the Battlefield at Gettysburg. He is on the Board of Directors of the Lincoln Society in Peekskill and the Yorktown Historical Society.

In keeping with his commitment to preservation and memorialization, a portion of the retail sales of all of Mr. Martin’s Civil War prints are donated to specific Civil War preservation and memorial funds. 40 publishers’ proofs of each are also set aside as charitable donations to various preservation and memorial funds.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of America presented Mr. Martin with two citations in recognition of all of his efforts.

Correspondence from Joe Wagley, son of WWII Navy veteran, Alvin Wagley.

July 13, 2003
Dear Mr. Martin:

My father, Alvin served aboard the USS Shaw from December 1941 untill she was decommissioned in 1945. My dad passed a year ago. We have spoken extensively about his war years and the adventures of the Shaw.

Words cannot express the emotion and pride I felt when I first viewed your painting. The commentary that followed your tribute to the men of the Shaw was inspiring. I could imagine my father back on her deck in rolling seas off Guadalcana, or shelling Jap pillboxes at

Again thank you very much, the men and women of World War II will never be forgotten because of artists like yourself.

Joseph A. Wagley

August 25, 2003
Dear Mr. Martin:

Thank you again for the wonderful painting of the Shaw and her flag. I appreciate the opportunity to make a contribution to the “So Gallantly Streaming" internet site.

Thanks for honoring all the Shaw men. They are heroes!

Joseph A. Wagley

August 30, 2003
Hi Paul,

I hope you and your family have a great Labor Day holiday because you have made mine a very special one. Your work with dad’s pictures is fantastic, awesome, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The layout is magnificant and the text exuded dignity and respect. The treatment you gave our photo at the beach filled me with pride and reduced me to tears. I sat in dad’s room (which I havn’t touched since he passed) and had a long talk with him. My family is coming over tomorrow to celebrate my birthday, we will be glued to the site......

Thanks for making my birthday and my holiday so special with your marvelous work. You are a patriot!


December 22, 2003
Merry Christmas Paul!

The prints are wonderful! Thanks for the special dedication to dad and his shipmates. He would have loved this and been very proud. I can't wait to see my brother and sister's expression when they open their presents on Christmas. It will be as though dad is with us that morning. Thanks for being a real friend and helping me keep the memory of my dad alive.

Merry Christmas to the whole family and thanks again,


Correspondence from Donna Buckalter, daughter of B-24 pilot, Edward Markewitz.

January 4, 2004
Hello Paul,

This piece looks incredible , I can't believe how you captured him without ever having known him! We were visiting my friend Darlene on Christmas day and we printed it out on her computer to show everyone. She knew my dad well, she was crying, I was crying, my mom (though I don't know how much she could really see) was also crying and this clearly was the highlight of her Christmas. Imagine how she is going to react when she gets to see the original art?

Love, Donna

January 19, 2004
Hey, Paul!

This is WONDERFUL. I'm so touched! Where did you get all of that other information? Were you able to get in touch with other crew members or their families? Where did you find the picture of Dragon Lady? I've never seen that. I can't wait to show my mom. She won't be able to see much, unfortunately, but I'll try to point stuff out to her and read her the text. She will be thrilled. You made my dad famous. Sort of. And the artwork is just beautiful. Great job, thank you so very much. I'm so glad I got this idea but you took it way further than I ever dreamed. This is going to be such a great family heirloom. It means so much to me and my mother and I hope Melanie too. Thanks again.

Love, Donna

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